Thursday, July 25, 2013

PolycreteUSA’s new website makes it easier for architects, contractors and building owners to learn about a better way to build...

PolycreteUSA’s mission is to make it easy to design, build and own energy efficient structures that stand up to Mother Nature. We took another big step in that direction recently with the launch of a new website,

We want to get our story across more clearly. Who we are, what we do and how we do it. We think the new format accomplishes that. Our technology has been used in Canada, Europe, Asia and even here in the US since 1988, but a lot of people here still think of it as new and mysterious. We want everyone in the construction community to see how cool it is and to realize that this technology really will make their project easier to complete.

Polycrete’s technology is a system for constructing commercial buildings with highly insulated concrete walls. Conventionally formed concrete walls involve a labor-intensive process of constructing a wood or metal formwork structure, filling it with concrete, then dis-assembling all the formwork after the concrete hardens. 

The Polycrete formwork is set up in a fraction of the time and does not have to be dis-assembled. It’s made from expanded polystyrene panels that contain a steel reinforcing structure which makes it strong enough to contain the concrete. Since the formwork becomes the insulation for the building, it also eliminates the insulating step in the construction process.

The Polycrete system eliminates several other steps, too. Four or more. Normally you would have to build a wood or steel stud wall inside the masonry wall to hold your insulation and sheetrock. That all goes away with this system because you can attach sheetrock directly to the Polycrete wall by means of its built-in steel fastening strips.

The new website includes useful information for architects, contractors and building owners.

Architects will be pleased to see CAD files that can be downloaded to make their design work easier and detailed information on how doors, windows, floors and roofs are incorporated.

Contractors will find complete information on assembling  Polycrete walls and how it works with electrical, plumbing and other building systems.  

Building owners can learn about operating costs savings and even how they can benefit from Federal tax credits and deductions from using the Polycrete system.  

Building products like the Polycrete Big Block ICF system have to undergo a thorough series of tests before they are approved by the International Code Council. The ICC sets the rules that most local building codes are based on. Polycrete makes all of its ICC test results available on the website for download.

Intertek testing service ran all of our ICC tests. They’re the number one building materials testing service on earth, and I can tell you their results prove Polycrete Big Block is the strongest ICF on the market. Fastener withdrawal, shear tests, fire ratings, you name it. Some other ICFs are close to us in one or two areas, but overall, The Big Block is tops. That’s why we put all the data on the web for the world to see. This is not just a salesman making up stories, it’s the real deal.

We want to hear from construction professionals after you look over the site. It’s an evolution. We’re currently working to develop more resources for installers. In the meantime, we really want to hear what the community thinks of what we’re presenting and what you like and dislike about the site. It’s not about us, it’s about you. We’re going to continue to improve our usefulness. If there‘s other info or services you’re looking for, tell us and we’ll figure out how we can get it for you. 

The new website is at We’re also on Facebook. There’s more pictures on the Facebook page. Contractors send them to us as their jobs progress and we just throw them up on Facebook.