Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fix It Anyway

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A time tested proverb, right?

Well, I came across an ad for GMC trucks the other day that talked about using a rolled steel process rather than the normal stamped steel for making the truck bed. Even though there’s nothing wrong with the stamped steel process, they found they could make truckbeds lighter, stronger and more durable using a different process. GMC calls this mind-set “an adamant desire to fix the unbroken.”

R-Stak inserts are a full eight feet long
That’s what we're doing with our R-StakTM inserts. Gluing and screwing EPS boards to the outside of an ICF wall is a perfectly fine way to add more insulation. It’s been done that way for a long time. Except it leaves the studs buried 2.5” from the outside surface so you need longer screws and a better aim with the screwgun to fasten your exterior finish.

Other ICF companies came up with the idea of moving the extra insulation to the inside of the cavity. They make 8 inch wide EPS inserts that slip between the cross ties inside the ICF where the concrete goes. That usually works ok, too. And then you don’t need such long screws to reach the studs because they’re right there near the surface.

We took that good idea and made it great with R-StakTM inserts.  Full 2 foot x 8 foot panels that drop into the concrete cavity in one motion and use only fraction of the labor. We make two standard thicknesses, but customization is a piece of cake so you can have just about whatever thickness you need.

Expander clip holds R-Stak firmly in place
Our flexible manufacturing lets us make the cavity up to 24” wide so you can easily add ridiculous amounts of insulation and have as thick a concrete wall as you want. Ingenious expander clips snap into place and secure the R-StakTM insert without need for glue or screws.

America wants energy efficient structures that stand up to Mother Nature. That doesn't have to be hard, and PolycreteUSA just keeps making it easier. 

Adding extra insulation to your ICF wall wasn't a broken process, but we fixed the hell out of it anyway. Call us today to learn how we can simplify your project.